A dose of reason

Following the postponement of the Eagles vs. Vikings game in Philadelphia from Sunday night to Tuesday night, I’ve read an uncountable number of comments on various news paper web and sports commentary web sites where individuals are condemning

the action as “soft”. Even the Governor of Philadelphia Ed Rendell spoke out saying “this is part of the wussification of America”.

Now its time for a dose of reason.

Football, being a game, should never take precedence over the safety of the fans who support the team. If it appears the conditions will be unsafe for fans to drive to the game or weather the elements, then by all means post-pone the game. Its not “wussy” – its smart. If the game had been held despite the weather warnings and a large number of fatal car crashes occurred, the governor would have been singing the opposite tune. Politicians who use opportunities like this to grand-stand are only succeeding in making themselves look  brash, and careless.

Other criticisms of the move include the popular “football is played in the snow” argument. This may be true, football has even been played in blizzard conditions, but the conditions on the field were never cited as a reason for cancellation. This invented reason is boasted far too often when the real reason is ignored. Goodell says he postponed the game to Tuesday because of fans safety, not player safety.

If the decision was left to the fans to decide whether the conditions allowed them to safely travel to and from the game – a decision the average fan with no meteorological training can rightfully make – the results could be disastrous. Driving conditions are already dangerous exiting football games, with many drivers supposedly over the legal blood alcohol limit. With the addition of snow and ice covered roads, who would be responsible for rescuing the fans who thought they could brave the conditions only to be stranded? This view that Goodell, like the government, is micromanaging the lives of the fans (and citizens) needs to go. The decision was made with the fans safety in mind – enough said, end of story.

My last gripe with Ed Rendell’s comments is the blatant racism he spewed near the end of one of his comments, claiming that the Chinese would not only brave these predicted elements, and not only that they would walk to the game, but that while walking they would be “doing calculus”. Really? Is that necessary? Furthermore, can you do calculus? Nothing is added to your point by supposing that all Chinese can do calculus; again you only succeed in looking ignorant. Maybe next time, Ed Rendell, you should use some reason before you decide to exploit some news to advance your political career.

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